Jakarta and Krakatau

We celebrated the start of the Year of the Ram by climbing an active volcano. Indonesia, as always, was incredible. It seemed like we packed a lifetime into four days. We were mobbed by teenagers wanted photos in Fatahillah Square, we ate our weight in incredible food, and stalked the President on his Sunday morning walk from Monas. After a three hour car trip through Jakarta’s notorious traffic and a choppy boat ride, we arrived at Anak Krakatau. We climbed the volcano and played amateur geologists with sulphur rocks, we warmed our hands on steam vents and skidded down the gravelly slope. We camped in the shadow of the volcano and snorkelled on the reefs its rich sand has created. We watched the sunrise over Mama Krakatau before heading back into the chaos of the city. Krakatau was one of the most impressive places I’ve ever been. But have I mentioned the food? The. Food. Terima kasih for an absolutely awesome weekend!

Meandering in Malacca

“It’s nice… just for the weekend though.”

That was the general consensus when others learned of our trip to Malacca, Malaysia. The former Portuguese/Dutch/British outpost had the most beautiful blend of architecture, from the thick-walled Dutch buildings to the intricacies of the traditional Malay terrace houses. I’d be interested to know the rate of museums per capita because there seemed to be one on every corner documenting everything from stamps to Chinese jewellery. Despite this rich deposti of touristy goodness, we seemed to spend more time eating than doing anything else. Malay coffee, Nyonya cendol, satay, Taiwanese cakes, ice cream eggs, Portuguese curry, mee and nasi in all forms, and one incredible mint chocolate milkshake. Malacca was definitely nice, but yes, just for the weekend. If only for the sake of my waistline…

A few snaps from Sri Lanka









Rapidly changing, developing and cashing in! Saigon is a living, breathing, buzzing entity. Phu Quoc Island is the best beach break. Skip Mui Ne.





Saigons in Saigon


Scootering around Phu Quoc island


Angkor: guaranteed to satisfy any temple cravings. Happy, inspiring people with so much pain in their past. Killing Fields are a lowlight and a must-see.

Angkor Wat


Lost its soul to the tourist dollar. Bangkok is madness. Ladyboys can be real bitches! Nong Khai still has oodles of personality though.

Nong Khai sculpture park
Ok so the Tiger Temple near Kanchanaburi was pretty cool…
… and the elephants…


Very interesting place. Burmese are the happiest and friendliest people but it’s heartbreaking to see how much they’re repressed and impoverished by their own Government.

Shwedagon Paya in Rangoon
Sunset over the temples of Bagan
Inle Lake


Beautiful country torn apart but other people’s wars. Incredible scenery, especially the mountains, caves and 4000 Islands. Tubing is everything it’s cracked up to be…

Plain of Jars
another bloody temple in Luang Prabang
hehe.. Sums up tubing..

*Per country…. and captions don’t count..

†And yes, I know, “A picture is actually worth a thousand words on its own”. Didn’t fly with my uni lecturers, doesn’t fly with me. I didn’t take 1327 photos for them just to sit in My Documents. Enjoy!

And when the things get heavy…

there’s always cupcakes!

Banana cupcakes with lime and vanilla icing.. finally a successful baking experiment! If only I wrote down the recipe.. *face palm*

Chocolate with marshmellows and colourful, chocolate things..

Ok, I cheated… thank you, betty crocker!

Not technically a cupcake… but it’s pink!

A banana split cake!!