I want to be a fashion blogger

I’m just going to come right out and say it: fashion bloggers earn an obscene amount of money. There’s been a few articles, such as this one, the one that tipped me over the edge http://www.fastcodesign.com/3032096/how-top-style-bloggers-are-earning-1-million-a-year , kicking around about how fashion bloggers (floggers?) are joining the “top 1%”.

I call bullshit. I also want in.

So here’s my “fashion” post.

As seen in the hotel rooms of Singapore…


I love the crispness of this look and the way it’s just so organic in its construction. There are some really interesting lines created by the ill-fit of the top and the irony of those sunglasses just completes the ensemble.

The model wears a shirt with a tiger on it, really old shorts that the washing machine bled all over and have just about worn through on the left bum cheek, and sunglasses from Dollar Corner in Brisbane.

You can make the cheques out to: “The Frugal Fashionista”, actually no, that word gives me mouth ulcers. Just Bridget is fine.

Seriously though. Bloggers who earn that kind of money should be social change advocates, environmental activists or the people who make cat gifs. Don’t give people who make their living wearing expensive clothes more money to buy expensive clothes! I know this is taking a naïve view about what should be making money on the internet (ahem…) but when there are independent journalism projects like the now-defunct Global Mail and worthy not-for-profit causes trying to be more than a line in a list of search results, it’s hard to subscribe to the idea that fashion bloggers are earning their dough. I’m sure it takes a lot of billable hours to change your iPhone camera filter and achieve that perfect “What? Your taking a photo? I had no idea!” face. But come on, people. Millions of dollars? That’s a lot of pairs of dollar-store sunnies.

Your thoughts?

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