Girl vs wild (kitten)

This is Tippy.

She’s our kitten. 🙂

She has a Facebook you can like if you want:

Yup, I’m that crazy cat lady.

But somehow, I’ve become the disciplinary one in the household.

She’s cute but I’m not raising a spoilt demon cat.

Key Tippy Issues:

  • Cat chews my laptop. This behaviour is undesirable.
  • Cat thinks it’s ok to sit in the kitchen sink and eat food off the bench. It’s not ok.
  • Cat, and boyfriend, thinks it’s funny to try and stick her nose in my mouth while I’m sleeping. This is probably unhygienic.
  • Cat tries to climb walls by running at them and using her claws. Landlord will not like this..
  • Cat waits outside toilets for occupant to come out. Creepy.
  • Cat plays in litter box. Also creepy.
  • Cat chews any phone that isn’t an iPhone. No creature of mine will be an Apple fanboy.

Cue Super Soaker.

Your thoughts?

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