Back again..

I’ve decided I really admire people who commit to a blog religiously.

(My lovely colleague @em_gramenz is a good example)

I could now explain my absence: I was overseas, on sabbatical, in a coma, been busy being fantastically successful.

Nope, none of the above.
Blog phase was over, now it has hopefully started again.
I think the issue is that I have trouble committing to inanimate objects.

  • plants- if it doesn’t rain, they die.
  • eczema cream- “Apply daily for 7 days”, 10 months later, still have itchy wrists.
  • moisturisers- Does anyone actually apply twice daily?
  • blogging- See above
  • newspaper subscriptions- I tried but the backlog created a fire hazard
  • packed lunches- what if I don’t feel like a mustard sandwich at lunch time?

Or I could just be very lazy.
Anyway, I just remembered the reason I sat down to write this: shameless self-promotion!
I didn’t exactly do nothing on my blogging break, I’ve been published!! For true! Like a proper almost-journalist! Here’s the link!

Page 42!

Next step is to get paid…

Your thoughts?

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