Do opposites attract?

So a recent domestic spat got me thinking on this topic…

Yep, airing dirty laundry on the internet, always such a good idea.

Opposites attracting is one of those relationship theories that have been around as long as relationships themselves.

I’m sure everyone can think of ‘that couple’, the ones that are so insanely different, explosively fight all the time but have been together forever.

But how different is too different?

(Wow, I’m feeling so Carrie Bradshaw right now!)

The phrase ‘opposites attract’ is irritatingly vague.

What opposites are they referring to?

The religions, the politics, the family values, the future, the personalities?

The topics you don’t talk about around the dinner table seem eerily similar to the ones you don’t talk about in relationships…

And the ‘attract’ part?

Attraction is great but what sort of staying power do opposites have?

Deep stuff. It even prompted me to do a bit of research I have actually done a little bit of research on this topic.

According to my good friend and university assignment aide, Wikipedia, the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator is “the world’s most widely used personality assessment”.

Basically there are four categories:

  • Extraversion/Introversion,
  • Sensing/Intuition,
  • Thinking/Feeling, and
  • Judging/Perceiving.

The test tells you which ones your personality leans towards.

Fun right?

Here’s a free one, go on, you know you want to…

For example, I’m an ESTP, almost the polar opposite of the boyfriend.

So after this comforting finding, I engaged my research partner, Google, to find out about compatibility and found this site!

So, semi-scientifically, do opposites attract?

According to that site, there are types that attract their opposites and types that don’t.

Really conclusive and helpful.

Well, I don’t know about the science, or whatever it is they call that, but my opinion on opposites?

Being with someone exactly the same as you would be boring; I don’t want to date me!

Differences keep things interesting and besides… there’s no heat without friction…

: o )

Your thoughts?

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