Why does everyone go camping as Easter?

Looks like fun, right?

We know it’s going to rain, the roads will be chaos and the campgrounds will be packed, yet we still do it.

What is this obsession with ‘getting back to basics’ and embracing our inner Neanderthal albeit with expensive tents and gas cookers?

Having only been camping a few times prior to this Easter, I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing.

The first time I went ‘camping’, it rained and I was stuck in a camper trailer with my family for four days.

The second time, I walked across hot coals because I didn’t think they’d still be hot from the night before.

They were.

That was a long time ago though, so I gave it another chance.

Plus this time there were the added incentives of no family, being old enough to drink and an excellent music festival to attend for three days.

So here are some of the things I learnt I don’t like about camping:

  • Everything is on the ground and therefore can be tripped over.
  • Tripping over everything.
  • Rain.
  • Dew.
  • Getting changed in a tiny tent while standing on an air mattress, then falling over and briefly being stuck between the tent and the mattress.
  • Stealthily being stuck between a tent and a mattress because there are people cooking just outside said tent.
  • Black tent ropes.
  • How difficult everything is. For example: To make morning coffee:
  1. Find gas stove
  2. Figure out how to insert gas
  3. Figure out if can has gas in it
  4. Figure out how to light stove
  5. Find lighter
  6. Find water to fill kettle “OH WAIT. WE HAVE NO KETTLE.”
  7. Drive to Brunswick Heads Antiques and purchase kettle
  8. Repeat steps 1-8
  9. Wait for kettle to boil
  10. Find coffee
  11. Find cups that aren’t full of old vodka/damp grass
  12. Find milk
  13. Move lit gas stove off esky to access milk

    Damn kettle….

Maybe I need more practice…

2 thoughts on “Camping

  1. jenn

    haha bridget your hilarious i went camping on easter too its all the bad things that make it funny and worthwhile

  2. Trev

    The nomadic lifestyle is a strangely romantic concept in theory, and especially on every public holiday, that fact that people choose to go camping when statistically there’s a high percentage chance of rain, and ‘getting away from it all’ but packing it all in to the back of a car is a strange new twist on the old concept. What I think we really seek is adventure, to test our resilience in the face of adversity, too often we build these comfortable lives that no longer challenge us. So leave your kettle behind, forget the air bed inflator, bring the empty gas bottle, ram that tent peg between your toes because fifty years from now you’ll have some great stories and feel proud of your decision to do something out of the ordinary! I love your article Bridget!

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