The Cow Philosophy

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’m in India!

We’ve been here for about a week: visiting friends, eating with friends, visiting family of friends, eating with family of friends, visiting family of family of friends, eating with family of family of friends etc.. As you do in India.

But now we’re been out on our own, starting our desert odyssey through Rajasthan.

Before we set off, our driver, Sanjay, turned to us and said, “Oh maybe not good day for driving, it Holi.”

Being the seasoned Indian travellers that we are, we’d seen the festival of Holi a few days ago in Mumbai.

“No worries, that’s the one where they throw colour at each other, right? All good, it’ll be fine.”

So we got on our way.

We were on the road for about an hour when we reached a group of kids that had put rocks across the road and asked for money to move them.

“Holi festival,” grumbled Sanjay and forked over 10 rupees.

Turns out we weren’t in Mumbai anymore.

Every hundred metres or so, groups of people were singing, chanting and blocking the road with sticks.

Those pesky villagers

There was quite a few but we laughed it off and made it to Kumbalgarrh fort, did the tourist thing for a while.

When we went to continue on, the celebration had stepped up a notch.

By that I mean, the blockades had gotten bigger.. and more expensive.

Considering these blockades would be every hundred metres or so, 100 rupees each time would add up very quickly.

We were stuck, along with two other cars of tourists.

It’s funny how people react in these situations: some get angry, yell in German and call the police, others chat and drink chai.

I think to survive travelling in India, you need to learn from the cows that are absolutely everywhere.

Nothing phases them, not even the odd love tap from a rickshaw, they just keep on going about their business.

Very relaxed, taking things as they come.

So we followed the cow philosophy and ended up going back to where we came from.

We set out this morning, no problems, and here we are in Jodhpur!

The cow philosophy.. Let’s make it a thing!

** Shortly after writing this post, I was chased and headbutted and horned by a cow. Seriously. Maybe I need to re-work the cow philosophy..

Your thoughts?

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