A thought

I think the small victories over life should be celebrated more often.

There’s a lot of rubbish stuff happening: civil wars, floods, fires, earthquakes, Liberals (No! Bad! Bad objective, apolitical journalist!).

For example, my Google News toolbar is currently telling me:
-Photos: Rain and floods March 2011
-Woolworths admits milk war will hurt farmers
-Girl thrown off bridge in ‘deliberate act’


As of today, I am trying to take more pleasure from the little things.

My first test came this afternoon when I found $5 in a parking meter!

artist’s impression

I texted 7 of my friends to share the happiness.

They weren’t quite as excited.

Nonetheless, I got a great deal of pleasure from a can of Coke bought with my found money.

It could have been something more exciting but parking there cost me $2.5o.

Your thoughts?

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