An Exotic Excuse

I apologise to the spambots that loyally stalk this page; recently it has been boring, idle, unmotivated and unwritten.

Don’t judge me yet, my dearest spammers, I have an excuse and it’s an exciting one!

For the past three months or so I’ve been hauling my bulky, bright-red backpack around South-East Asia with the boyfriend. (The very tolerant, patient, loving boyfriend, for the record!)

a messy, vague route map

The last few days have been spent doing the usual homecoming rituals: being force-fed huge amounts of food, getting excited about drinking tap water and sleeping in my own bed.

And, of course, catching up with friends and family, telling travelling tales and narrating photo slideshows.

While my long-suffering and endlessly patient parents were guilted into sitting through 1327 happy snaps (“How many bloody temples did you see?!” (Dad, 2011)), I’ll do my best to make a heavily abridged version.

Your thoughts?

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